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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The advance birthday celebration

Hyelloow everyone ~~ Nat's waking up to blog :D Sowee,am sicked from last friday,until now I'd flu and sneezing all the time. Don't even have stamina to face pc @@

Peeps,let the pictures do my talk ;)

Welcome to my housewarming,guys !

These are the foods that you can engulf it happily =目

The foods are probably Hakka food.
I got lot comments that the food are delicious except satay.
My friends (the primary and secondary buddies)

The girls fooling around with my puppet.

This is the surprise cake by my sister & mom. To me,Jack & the fathers.
I just love choco

Look, all the relatives & friends wishing us T.T Touch...

Is me... & Jack.. He is my best buddy.. my brother :)

The sisters and brothers

At last,special thanks to Vanzy & Shen Wei -the professional photographer(s).
Thanks to the buddies,colleagues and the relatives who done hard work for us to help clean and clear the foods.
Thanks to Tiger for the alerts when some one coming to our house.. =.= He bark all the times...

Love you guys ^^



  1. Wow~ A very happening birthday party with lotsa savory food!
    Happy belated birthday, Nathelie~ \(^,^)/

  2. Thanks little cucumber :D if you're not far away,I will surely invite you to come over ^^