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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hello March!!
Bloggers planned a trip to PD for taking a break and also breaking free for all of us. I was so excited as I tell them I will be ON for the coming day but one week after I selected *decline* for the event invitation. *my parent wasn't allow me to join stranger. I know I must be REGRETFUL after all of it. =(

Well, sometimes people need for food hunt to complete their life. So,do I ;-)
A friend, Lun and I manage to get dessert lately. 

RT Pastry House @ Taman Danau Desa

I ordered chocolate cake,and he had green tea flavor.

The chocolate taste really good as some brownie on top of it. Green tea cake having 3 layers,which is cheese & creams. You can taste green tea flavor all over your mouth after you have it. ^^

P.S: We don't choose cheese cake bcause I don't eat cheese. Ya,I love cake but I don't like cheese,weird thought.. xoxoxo

Till then, lets go for another cake I had.
Alexis @ The Garden

Bought two cakes for my boss' house warming dessert. I've chosen Alexis neither Secret Recipe.Just of the drooling feel brings me to come over.  *droolll....

Tiramitsu & Pavlova are the signature cakes in Alexis.

Its an Ice-cream cake.Just taken out from the fridge few minutes and it started to melt.
A strawberry-alike-creme on the cake is just fabulous!

Well,I didn't manage to take a picture for Pavlova cake. Just google it! =P
A fruitful yet delicious cake I ever had. The good taste are just too good to undescribe-able.

The next time I come over to Alexis to have brownie. *oh my favourite....

The choco flavor aren't like the normal one you had from others,
Just come over to have a try,you must have some idea on it !!

Have a good day =D


  1. 原来你没有去PD了?如果ok的话,我这里是可以过去载你的。

    1. Vincent,家人不允许,说和不认识的朋友出游,还要过夜,很危险哦!