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Thursday, March 15, 2012

UE Image Studio , my choice

UE Image Studio is.....
Looking for a 160cm height babe for short hair model !! 

My friend, Kelvin Neoh, wants to take part in a hair competition will be held on end of March, at KLCC. If there's a volunteer, don't hesitate to contact : -
Kelvin Neoh

Managing Director
Hp: 017-2011136

Well, before I never thought can meet someone who are so well understand what is actually my hair need. 
Before I meet Kelvin, my head goes....
*Ignore the toy*
Until I met Him, I goes...
YES!! I am so CONFIDENCE on this hairstyle. Short bang, brown chocolate hair dye and layer at the back. 

The same, if you haven't meet the right hairstylist OR if you are living somewhere around Kuchai Lama / Petaling Jaya, don't hesitate to call Kelvin at 017 201 1136

P/s: He is a very Humorous & Lovely person

You may SHOUT OUT LOUD: (Nathelie)'s friend to get a cheaper price on any hairstyle you prefer to, or ask for a recommend hairstyle =)

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