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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day ♥

Staying up and write for this Valentines post on this beautiful rainy day! If there is a latte by my side & looking through my eyes were fresh plants over, then that must be another great day perhaps....

Valentines day is a special day for single ladies to hang out with the admires or couples' gathering up. Those flowers bouquet holding by the lady with blushes under the blue moon sky... but NOPE, it doesn't happened to me on this day,today...

I don't hang out, I don't get any flowers and I don't manage to get to date because I spend this special day with myself, my family. Somebody maybe moan..*foreveralone day ='(  It doesn't matter if you couldn't get someone for a date on Valentines day, it just the matter of your Mr / Mrs.Right need sometimes for the Cupid arrangement.

I watched my favourite youtuber Bubzbeauty' sharing on this morning & I believe this could cheer every single ladies up so I decided to share on my blog too.
*clicked play for the video and enjoy ♥

Great isn't it? I followed those steps too and made me feel so great on today!
Tied up my messy hair, clean my bedroom, remove the excess nail polish, simple treatment for my hair (softly now & I keep shake my head). Pampering myself with masks,reading books until I fall asleep for half an hour. *Whooaa... I feel so much great and I should've pampering myself all the times while I have free times at home!

I would share some with you too on my wonderful valentines celebration. I received lovely gift from Mr.Unknown on Valentines eve. I'm surprised while getting this from him.
He: (Get something from the car boot) Get this, its for you!
Me: Why present me? *frighten*
He: Valentines Day mah...
Me: I was kidding only last time (telling him that I want a gift)
He: Now you dislike it is? (serious face)
Me: Nope, I like it & and I know it must be a perfume! *HAHAHAHA evil laugh*
Until I unwrapping it..... *oh it melts my heart ♥♥♥ (your wrapping skill is terrible lor...zzZ)

By the way, I bought movie tickets for family (I love HongKong 2013) for tonight too. Every CNY I would spend for family to cinema, I don't know why, but this is already few years for I,myself to do this.

You? How do you spend your Valentines Day with your love ones? Giving ring or sending flowers?


Football matches?
However, I wish every couples stay beyond with your partner, loyalty & sincerely!
A little tips to you..

Till then,
Nat xoxo